Classes for our younger gymnasts focus on basic gymnastics skills to help aid independence, spacial awareness, coordination, strength, technique and flexibility.


Munchkins ​(2-3 years old)  30 minute class


Our very beginner class requires adult participation.

Instructors will begin class with a short warm-up, followed by a basic circuit on gymnastics events.

Grown ups will help their child stay attentive and engaged while the instructor leads the class.

We incorporate all gymnastics events within the curriculum. 

Instructors as well as the child's caregiver will decide when the child is ready to be more

independent and move on to our Tiny Tots class.

(not before the age of 3, some 3 year old's prefer to participate in class assisted by their caregiver)

(coming soon!-2021)




Tiny Tots (3-4 years old)  45 minute class

Tiny Tots class is for younger children who are ready to become more independent. 

In this class we focus on beginning tumbling skills, strength flexibility and technique

as well as an introduction to vault, bars, beam, floor, pommel horse, high bar, rings, & trampoline. 

  Please call the gym if you need to schedule a make up class.     

Monday     4:45-5:30

Thursday     4:45-5:30

Saturday     9:15-10:00





           Kinder Kids (5-6 years old) 1 hour class

Continuation of Tiny Tots.  Gymnasts will begin progressing on basic gymnastics tumbling, strength, flexibility and technique. Students will be further introduced to skills on vault, bars, Beam, floor, pommel horse, rings and trampoline.

 Please call the gym if you need to schedule a make up class.


Tuesday          5:35-6:35

Wednesday     5:35-6:35

Saturday     10:05-11:05